The City provides water, sewer, natural gas, garbage and recycling services. You may sign up in person or call 361-729-2213, ext 234 to set up one or all of these services.

The marketplace has many third-party bill payment services utility customers can use to pay their bills if they choose not to pay bills directly. These include firms such as doxo, Quicken Bill Pay, or even a customer's financial institution. Customers are cautioned that some providers state or imply that they are agents of the City of Rockport or otherwise have a business relationship with the City.

Only the firm Official Payments is affiliated with the City of Rockport and reports once a day to the City to update customer accounts. All other services are simply mailing payments and customers remain responsible for any late fees or service interruptions for non-payment, even if they have paid their third-party bill payment service but payment has not been received by the City.

Customers can always pay through the City's website with a credit card at no extra cost and their account is updated immediately. Other payment options include paying in person at City Hall during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8 am - 5 pm), using the drop box on the east side of City Hall, mail, or setting up automatic drafting on your bank account.

Payments may be made by personal check, credit card, online banking, cash or bank draft. For additional information, please visit Utility Customer Service or contact Utility Billing at (361) 729-2213, ext. 234