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Notice on Fees – Governor Abbott signed H.B. 852, which does not allow a municipality to consider the value of the dwelling or the cost of construction on improving the dwelling when determining the cost of a permit. These are the dominant methods used by cities, including Rockport, to calculate building permit fees.

With the bill becoming effective immediately, Rockport did not have the opportunity to develop a comprehensive, alternative fee schedules that comply with the Legislature’s mandate.  Until  the City is able to develop a comprehensive plan, it will be using the International Code Council’s (ICC) Building Code’s square foot methodology for determining fees as an interim measure. (Residential permits $0.60 a sq.ft. all other trades $0.10 sq.ft.). Once the City’s fee schedule is developed and adopted by City Council, it will be posted on the web site.

Due to the high volume of traffic we have been experiencing post-Harvey, we have been unable to process both emailed and faxed permits in a timely manner. Therefore, all permits must be applied for in person or through this portal.

Please visit our office at 2751 Highway 35 Bypass, located on the west access road between Pearl and Market Streets, to obtain permits.

Due to the high volume of inspection requests, the Building Department is changing its deadline for inspections. You may schedule an inspection for the same day by calling the Building Inspection Department’s 24-hour Inspection Request Line, 361-790-1177, no later than 8:00 A.M. of the day you need the inspection. Any inspection requests received after 8:00 a.m. will be scheduled for the following business day.