Criminal Investigation Division

Meet Captain Anderson 

Captain Anderson came to us from the Lubbock Police Department in 2020 after 24 years of service. 19 of those years were spent on the Lubbock Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics Team before retiring as the SWAT team Commander. Captain Anderson led the department’s Crime Suppression Unit, Directed Investigations Unit  and was instrumental in bringing the Lubbock Police Department into the current industry standards on topics including SWAT tactics, tactical medic applications with SWAT, firearms, illegal game rooms, active shooter response and City Hall security. Additionally, Captain Anderson instructed new supervisors within the Lubbock Police Department and area agencies on how to transition and lead as new, first line supervisors in law enforcement. In the past 10 years, he instructed all newly promoted sergeants within the Lubbock Police Department. Captain Anderson assisted the City of Lubbock with a new game room ordinance to better combat the growing problems of illegal activity at area game rooms. This expertise has been beneficial in Rockport as we finalized a game room ordinance in 2021. Captain Anderson holds a Master Peace Officer license and is a recent graduate of Del Mar College with studies in Police Science. He is also a 2019 graduate of Leadership Lubbock and will soon attend the FBI National Academy as well at the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas leadership programs.  

Since his time in Rockport, Captain Anderson has taken command of the Criminal Investigations Division which consists of four detectives and a Criminal Investigations Assistant. He understands that we and the citizens must work together in solving crimes that occur in our community. His personal mission is to work with all community stakeholders in solving crime that occurs. Without community involvement, it would be extremely difficult to be successful in holding those accountable who commit crimes.

Duties & Responsibilities of Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.) is the investigative arm of the police department, consisting of major case investigations, narcotics investigations, the Property and Evidence Unit, criminal investigations, and crime analysis. The Division is lead by Captain Nathan Anderson

The primary function of the Criminal Investigation Division is to review and investigate reports of felony and misdemeanor criminal acts, identify suspects, both adult and juvenile, and prepare cases for prosecution with the U.S., District, County, and City Attorneys' offices. Investigative work is re-active, from reports with the identification, arrest and prosecution of suspects, and also pro-active, through the prevention of criminal acts in their identification of suspects.

C.I.D. also provides support to victims of crimes during the course of an investigation. Crime victims and the community both benefit from the prosecution and punishment of criminals. Many investigations can be completed in a matter of weeks, whereas other investigations may take years before they are solved. Every attempt is made to prioritize their work so that cases involving injured persons, threats to personal safety, and significant property loss receive the most immediate attention. C.I.D. has at least one detective designated as being "on call" at all times, but all detectives may be called in to work major crime scenes when needed.