Fitness Court at Memorial Park

Rockport is one of the first 200 communities nationally to install this state-of-the-art gym facility, featuring bodyweight workouts that can be completed in seven minutes a day. Funded by a grant from the National Fitness Campaign and Rebuild Texas, it is located near the trails on the northwest side of the facility.

fitness court

photo courtesy of The National Fitness Campaign

The new outdoor Fitness Court® is completely free to use, and suitable for users ages 14 and up at any fitness level.  The Fitness Court® provides each user a functional training experience based around 7 essential movements. The digital ecosystem adapts to support guided routines and freestyle workouts. Outdoor group exercise is a perfect fit for the Fitness Court®, and nothing beats the the ultimate competitive community event — the Fitness Court Challenge.

With the Fitness Court mobile app for iOS and Android, users can take classe and learn workout routines online, and get fit — all for free in Memorial Park!

Download the Fitness Court App

Use the app to sign up for free, online fitness classes, track your workouts, and more! View on app store or get it on Google Play.

Fitness app