Comment on Future Plans

The City of Rockport was selected by several high profile organizations to be the recipient of free, extensive plans to help guide its future after Hurricane Harvey.  The plans and an overview were presented to City Council and are available to read here or download.

American Planning Association - Downtown Rockport:  Strength, Vitality and Resilience (click here for PDF)  Comment Period has ended

The purpose of the Community Planning Assistance Teams program is to serve communities facing limited resources by helping them address planning issues such as social equity and affordability, economic development, sustainability, consensus building, and urban design, among others. By pairing expert urban planning professionals from around the country with residents and other stakeholders from local communities, the program fosters education, engagement, and empowerment. As part of each team’s goals, a community develops a vision that promotes a safe, ecologically sustainable, economically vibrant, and healthy environment.

Rockport Comprehensive Plan 2020-2040 Draft (Click here for PDF)  Please note that this is not the final plan.

Provides a guide for the future growth of the city. This document was developed and prepared by Texas Target Communities (TxTC) at Texas A&M University in partnership with the City of Rockport, Texas Sea Grant, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, Texas A&M University - School of Law and Texas Tech University.   

Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development in the City of Rockport and Aransas County (Click here for PDF)

MPA Capstone Youth Perspectives (Click Here for PDF)

Legal Mechanisms for Mitigating Flood Impacts in Texas Coastal Communities (Click here for PDF)

Overview of the Plans presented to City Council on 2/25/2020.(Click here for PDF)

Click here for 1999 Plan

Click here for 1969 Plan