Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board consists of seven qualified voters of the city. All appointments are made by the City Council. Such appointments will be made from a pool of individuals to represent each of the four city wards and three representatives appointed by the mayor who have made application to serve on the Park and Recreation Advisory Board. No individual may be appointed or reappointed to more than three full terms. Appointments to fill unexpired terms shall not affect any re-appointment or appointment to three full terms. Any appointee who misses three consecutive regular meetings or four regular meetings in any 12 month period may be removed by majority vote of the board. The City Council shall appoint a replacement to fill an unexpired term within 45 days from when the vacancy occurred.

The Park and Recreation Advisory Board shall:

  • Hold at least one regular meeting per month and additional meetings as needed.
  • Present a verbal summary of the monthly meeting, to include any resolutions, recommendations or reports at the first regularly scheduled council meeting the month after the board meeting.

The Board will advise the City Council on matters of recreation and park policy, to include:

  • Serving as an advocacy group on all park and recreation matters, where timely and possible.
  • Actively participating in the development and implementation of funding strategies for park and recreation.
  • Participating in developing and recommending a capital improvement plan (CIP) for parklands and recreation facilities for the area.
  • Assisting in the execution of the park, recreation and open space master plan.

The Board shall have the authority (responsibility) to:

  • Advise the council on matters of policy and courses of action, and receive results of the action.
  • Offer a recommendation on the proposed park and recreation annual operating budget as early in the budget process as possible.
  • Assist in development of park and recreation programs.
  • Participate in special programs and special events sponsored by parks and leisure services.
  • Assist the Park and Recreation Director by reporting any defects or other safety hazards found in the municipal parks.