Boards & Commissions

The City Council shall create, establish or appoint, as may be required by the laws of the State of Texas or as authorized by the Home Rule Charter, all boards, commissions, and committees. The City Council shall, by ordinance or resolution, prescribe the purpose, composition, function, duties, accountability and tenure of each board, commission, and committee where such are not prescribed by law or the Home Rule Charter.


Individuals who are qualified voters in the city may be appointed to serve on one or more boards, commissions, or committees. Members of a board, commission, or committee serve without compensation. Minutes are kept by each board, commission, or committee appointed by the City Council. If any member of a board, commission, or committee is absent from three consecutive regular meetings without explanation acceptable to a majority of the other members, such member forfeits his/her position on said board, commission, or committee.

Appointments or Re-Appointments

Both are made in June of each year. If you would like to serve on a board or commission, the application is available for you to print and fill out .

Click here for the Application for Boards and Committees