City Council

The legislative and governing body of the City of Rockport consists of a Mayor and four Council Members. The Mayor is elected at large; one Council Member is elected from each of four wards. All elected officials serve two-year terms unless removed from office through the provisions of the Home Rule Charter.

All members of the City Council, other than the Mayor, are elected under the ward system. Ward boundaries are defined by ordinance and amended as population changes warrant. Council Members from Wards One and Three are elected in odd years and the Mayor and Council Members from Wards Two and Four in even years. Term limits prohibit members from serving more than ten consecutive years on the City Council. Council Members must reside in the wards they represent while in office.

Mayor - Lowell Timothy "Tim" Jayroe

Ward 1 Council Member - Stephanie Rangel

Ward 2 Council Member - Danielle Hale

Ward 3 Council Member -  Brad Brundrett

Ward 4 Council Member, Mayor Pro Tem - Andrea Hattman