Public Information and Flood Assistance

The City’s Building and Development Office provides a comprehensive flood information program that is available to the public.  Residents may obtain flood risk information including:  basic map information, copies of Elevation Certificates, floodway information, depth of flooding information, lowest floor elevations, historical flood data, information on areas that flood outside of the designated Special Flood Hazard Area, erosion set-back areas, the natural functions of the Special Flood Hazard Areas,  and other flood related information by visiting the City’s Building and Development Department and meeting with a department representative in person, by phone, by fax, or by accessing this website.

 Want to know the flood zone of your property to determine your flood risk? The City provides a map information service enabling all residents to determine the flood zone of a specific property. Paper copies of the City’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) are available for viewing at the City’s Building and Development Office. Current FlRMs can be found at the following link on the City’s Website: Floodplain Maps  Electronic maps can also be viewed and printed online for free at the FEMA Flood Map Store at FEMA Portal

The Community Development Office can also assist residents in non-technical review of individual properties when requested, as well as provide guidance on floodproofing, and other mitigation techniques used to help reduce flooding.  This can be done either by visiting the Community Development Office or by City staff visiting the actual property to assess the situation in person. 

Please feel free to contact the City Building Development Department. To visit in person, we are located at 2751 State Highway 35 By-Pass; by phone at 361-790-1125; by fax at 361-729-7672; or email the community planner.