Protect Natural Floodplain Areas

The City of Rockport is a beautiful place to live. The undisturbed waters of the surrounding bays and intercostal waterway, estuaries, and wetlands provide a wide range of benefits to not only humans but to the diverse specialty of its natural systems.

Rockport’s local marshes and wetlands provide breeding and feeding grounds for fish and wildlife, create and enhance waterfowl habitat, and protect habitats for rare and endangered species. The floodplains are an important asset. They provide open space, aesthetic pleasure and areas for active and passive uses. They also provide flood storage and conveyance, reduce flood velocities, and reduce flood peaks.

Although the City has a storm sewer and drainage maintenance program, it is impossible to keep all drainage systems clear at all times. As a citizen, you can assist by keeping the banks of ditches, streams, and bayous clear of brush and debris, and not allowing grass clippings, oil, or other contaminants in storm sewer drains. Dumping of debris into ditches, streams, or bayous is a major cause of local drainage problems, and is a violation of the City’s Code of Ordinances.