After the Hurricane Hits

Check the National Hurricane Center and/or news/weather media to determine the extent of the storm and possible damage to our area.

Call or go online to contact your windstorm insurer and the National Flood Insurance National Flood Insurance to start the claim process even if you don't know the extent of damage. Please note that normal home insurance does not cover damage resulting from wind or floods.

Contact FEMA to register for possible assistance, including transitional shelter, housing and financial assistance.

Register on the American Red Cross' Safe and Well Safe and Well to let loved ones and friends know you're okay.  You may also search the site to check on others. 

Pay special attention to news media and the City's web site to determine the best time to return.  Do NOT return until the evacuation order is lifted as you may interfere with recovery efforts or cause damage to your vehicle from debris.

You should plan on bringing back a supply of water and mosquito spray.  If you're able to do so, get a tetanus shot before your return. If not, a list of locations will be provided through the City's web site and social media.