Hurricane Preparations

Listen frequently to radio, TV and NOAA weather radio for bulletins and forecasts of a storm's progress. Double check items in your emergency supply kit. Service and fuel your vehicles. Inspect and secure mobile home tie-downs. If you plan on staying, make sure you have supplies to survive on your own for at least one week. Board up windows in case the storm moves quickly and you have to leave. Store lawn furniture and other loose, light-weight objects, such as garbage cans and garden tools. Get extra cash in case power does out and ATMs do not work. Check with your boat manufacturer for proper ways to secure your boat during a storm. Consider arrangements to move your boat well in advance of an approaching storm. Trailer boats should be removed from the water and securely stored at least 48 hours before the onset of tropical force winds. Follow the instructions issued by the Aransas County Emergency Operations Center. Evacuate immediately if ordered to do so.

When hurricane conditions threaten, check your emergency supplies. You'll need non-perishable food, water, batteries, cash and credit cards. Take copies of medical prescriptions and insurance information as well as products for any special health care needs and special products for babies and the elderly. Keep your gas tank full and listen for instructions from the Aransas County Emergency Operations Center.