When will my garbage be picked up?

The day of the week your garbage is picked up depends on your service address. The 2022 calendar and route map are available by clicking this link

U.S. and State environmental regulations prohibit the collection of the following items:

• Paint

• Light bulbs (The Lowes store in Aransas Pass collects CFL bulbs in the customer service/returns area at the entrance to the store)

• Automotive fluids (most automotive repair shops and auto parts stores will collect some or all fluids – call ahead first)

• Batteries (Lowes in Aransas Pass collect rechargeable batteries)

• Plastic shopping bags (HEB and Walmart have collection bins at the entrances to their stores)

• Electronics, e.g. computers, televisions.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has additional information on recycling, including textiles and electronics. 

Please call Republic Waste at (800) 640-2014 for more information.

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