Pets and the Coronavirus

As per Texas Animal Health Commission:

Can my pet or animal get the COVID-19 virus? 

· To date, the CDC has not received any reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19.

· There is no evidence pets can spread COVID-19.

· With the knowledge we have received from CDC, there is no reason to think that any animals in the US might be a source of infection with this new coronavirus.

Should I avoid contact with pets or other animals if I am sick with COVID-19?

· Although there have not been reports of pets or other animals becoming sick with COVID-19, the CDC is still recommending that people sick with COVID-19 limit contact with animals until more information is known about the virus.

· When possible, have another member of your household care for your animals while you are sick.

· If you are sick with COVID-19, avoid contact with your pet, including petting, snuggling, being kissed or licked, and sharing food.

· If you must care for your pet or be around animals while you are sick, wash your hands before and after you interact with pets.