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Message for Aransas County Residents - July 22,2020

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Message for Aransas County Residents - July 8

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Message for Aransas County Residents - April 22, 2020

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City of Rockport

Aransas County

Town of Fulton

Honorable Mayor

Patrick R. Rios

Rockport Service Center

2751 S.H. 35 Bypass

Rockport, TX 78382


Honorable Judge

C.H. Burt Mills, Jr.

Aransas County Court House

2840 Highway 35 N.

Rockport, TX 78382


Honorable Mayor

Jimmy Kendrick

City Hall

201 North 7th Street

Fulton, TX 78358


Aransas County Message April 14, 2020

Aransas County Judge C.H. Burt Mills, Jr, City of Rockport Mayor Patrick Rios and Town of Fulton Mayor Jimmy Kendrick have extended the Stay at Home Order until 11:59 on April 30. 

The following are changes that have been made:

1.  Allowing short term rental locations to enter into long term agreements for essential personnel only,

2. Changing the School Closing date to reflect Governor Abbott’s Executive Order.

A Copy of the Amended/Extended Stay at Home Order is available on government web sites or clicking here

Additionally, the three entities will have also extended their respective Disaster Declarations to reflect the change by Tuesday evening.

Aransas County Message April 10, 2020

The latest census reporting figures show that approximately 22% of Aransas County has responded to the 2020 Census.  This is a pretty dismal number considering the state and national response levels are double that figure.

It can’t be stressed strongly enough how important your participation is in this process.  Census results shape the future of communities, as the data informs how billions of dollars in federal funds are distributed for critical programs and services … especially disaster recovery programs. It’s estimated that an undercount of the Texas population of just 1% could translate to a loss of $300 million in federal funding for the state and Texans.

We understand that there are some glitches with residents who utilize post office boxes instead of their home address.  And, the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t helping, either.  However, the Census Bureau is offering alternative ways to participate.  You may also respond online by visiting   or calling 844-330-2020 for English or 844-468-2020 for Spanish. Phone lines are open every day from 7am to 2am Eastern Time.

 This Census is possibly one of the most important in our community’s 150-year history.  Please help us to spread the word and make “Aransas County COUNT!” not only for yourself, but future generations.

Mayor’s Message April 8

In these difficult times, many of us are seeking answers to questions about the coronavirus.  How is it spread?  What can I do to keep my family and I safe?  How many have died?  How many have lived?  How long will this last?

Sadly, no one has a definitive answer for the last question.  This virus is unprecedented and its only been with us for less than a year.  Cures and better understanding will take months, if not longer.  Scientists across the world are examining its origins, spread and effect on the world’s population.

At the City, we understand the frustration of “not knowing”.  We wish we had definitive answers. We are utilizing all our resources and affiliations to gather knowledge and operate safely and efficiently.

If you haven’t already visited the COVID-19 tab on the City’s web site, you should take a look.  We’ve provided information and links to some of the world’s top health resources and state/federal agencies; frequently asked questions; precautions, symptoms and treatments; all of the Mayor’s Messages, City Orders, Proclamations, and Ordinances; and so much more.

There are two, in particular, that should be of interest to you on a regular basis.  The first is the “What’s Open and Closed” category, which is a link to a document provided by the Chamber of Commerce.  In it you’ll find a list of what restaurants are still open, their serving hours and if they provide delivery service.

The second category is Coronavirus Cases Maps and Statistical Information.  Currently we have links to six different organizations that provide a variety of data and projections.  Each has their own protocols when it comes to reporting and posting so it’s important to note their “update” stamp and pull information from various sources. 

As an example, the Johns Hopkins University map incorporates information that is directly reported to them from government and private labs and is continuously updated.  Other sites only update daily so the numbers aren’t always the same.

The Texas Department of Health Services map provides copious information on number of people tested, cases reported, and affected communities.  But you should also visit the Conrad Blucher Institute link to learn how many people in Texas have recovered.

Worldometer and Our World in Data sites offer statistical and scientific reporting methods, while the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation focuses on projections utilizing social distancing as its model.

We’ll continue to search out and share viable resources and links to help our citizens better understand what’s happening … and to get some answers.  As always, you are welcome to call  the City with any questions you may have.

Remember -- through facts, not fear we’ll come through it.

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