CodeRED Emergency Notification System

During an emergency, extended utility outage, street closure, or other issue of public concern, the City of Rockport may utilize the CodeRED Emergency Notification System to rapidly inform citizens. Citizens with caller ID on their phones should take note that the caller name that appears is "CodeRED" and that the call will have a 361 area code. The system will call each telephone number in the database. Once answered, the system will deliver a short voice message to you or your answering machine. If a recipient of a call wants to hear the message again, calling the phone number that appears on the caller ID will give residents the opportunity to listen to the call again. If the call is not answered or if the line is busy, the system will attempt to make the call again. The system can also send this emergency message to a cell phone by SMS (text) and can be received by email.

Residents must register with the system in order to receive messages from CodeRED. If you have already signed up through FirstCall, your information has already been transferred. Sign up.

Residents can choose to enter up to a combined total of five different phone numbers or email addresses.